Hike for Hope 2019

Welcome to the Summer of Hope's program of fierce hikers! We are here to raise money to bring orphans over from the Philippines for a Montana experience. Each team will be hiking to raise money that goes DIRECTLY to the children and their travel/medical expenses.

When: Any Saturday in June or July 2019
Where: A location and hike your team selects.
What: Choose any hike that suites your family and the physical ability of each hiker.

How to participate

Setup your own hiking team

Click here for details. Teams will need to complete the registration form and download a pledge sheet.

Pledge support to an existing team

Please note which team you are supporting in PayPal.

Donate to the program's general fund


The "H" Warriors
Krekelberg Team
Mullins Mountaineers
The Schwartz Adventurers
Team LeMay