Be a Volunteer

We need many different types of people to assist with the Summer of Hope program. The outcome of finding permanent homes for the children will be worth every ounce of energy and effort spent. Please consider how you might be involved in this unique project. We will be working over the next few months to have all of the mechanics in place to bring these precious children to our community.

We need individuals who can help with publicity and fund raising. We must raise $4,000 per child to cover the cost of travel, medical insurance, escorts and other expenses associated with carrying out the summer program. Our goal is to also raise additional funds to help defray the adoption costs for any families who commit to adopting children they met or hosted during the summer.

We need people to help recruit and assist host families and to advocate for the children while they are here. We need people to arrange for support services for the children including summer program activities, medical and language support. Events need to be planned that bring host families and children together and give non-hosting parents who are interested in adoption a chance to interact with the children as well.

Lastly, we need people to commit to praying for the children and their potential placements. It is our hope that each child coming to our community will find a permanent home.


How Can You Be Involved?

  • Open your heart and home to a child in need
  • Be a host family
  • Be a child’s advocate
  • Help raise funds for this program
  • Arrange support services for the children
  • Donate funds to bring the children
  • Donate funds to assist families with the cost of adoption
  • Assist with summer program activities
  • Pray for the children and their host families

If you are interested in being involved in Summer of Hope.